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Hi! I'm Savannah.
I am a creative portrait and fine art photographer based in Portland, Maine.
30. Born and raised on the East Coast, from Florida to Maine. In my personal life I am driven by wanderlust, my passion for animals, love of nature, and lots of carbs. I'm often sarcastic, a bit of a weirdo, and forever young at heart. I specialize in capturing portraits of women, but happily photograph all people/animals. My subjects are often submerged in beautiful natural surroundings, and have their best inner qualities brought out with the help of my camera and creative vision. I offer photography sessions ranging from model portfolio building, headshots, engagements, family portraits, intimate boudoir sessions, local and destination weddings, fashion lookbooks for designers, or simply a personal shoot because you feel like showing off your inner goddess. When you book a session with me, what we create together will be a magical experience that will produce images that you'll want to hang giant prints of on your wall, as if your home were your own personal art gallery.

What I portray through my work is the essence of a dream, qualities that exist in the most perfect and beautiful of worlds; realistic mysticism. The aspects of life that you notice when you stop allowing your mind to take control, and just "be". I like to say that I bring dreams to life, maybe they are my dreams, and maybe they are the dreams of others. Creating allows me to live in the most ethereal existence that I can conjure up. With vivid colors, luminous tones, whimsical yet emotive characters, and working with nature as my canvas; these are my creations.

Current location: Portland, Maine // New England
Available for travel throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Contact me and we can make it work!
For rates and booking information, please email me directly at or use the contact page above.

Behind the scenes videos: