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Hi! I'm Savannah.
28, photographer, creator, model, wanderlust driven, passionate about animals,
intuitive, overly sarcastic, quixotic, wild hearted, weirdo, young forever.

What I portray through my art is the essence of a dream, qualities that only exist in the most perfect and beautiful of worlds; realistic mysticism. The aspects of life that you notice when you stop allowing your mind to take control, and just "be". I like to say that I bring dreams to life, maybe they are my dreams, and maybe they are the dreams of others. Creating allows me to live in the most ethereal existence that I can conjure up. With soft colors, bright tones, whimsical yet emotive characters, and working with nature as my canvas; this is what I do, these are my creations.

Current location: Portland, Maine, USA.
Available for travel throughout the U.S. as well as internationally - I love to adventure! Contact me and we can make it work.
For rates and session information, please email me directly at